The Nerdpocalypse

SPECIAL: Time Limit Draw: King of the Ring 1999

July 10, 2018
We wanted to highlight one of the many shows from our friends over at the Flawedcast Network. So check out this special episode of their retro wrestling podcast:
"Welcome to the Flawedcast Network’s only retro wrestling podcast, Time Limit Draw. Each episode, our hosts “The Golden Voice” James Ryan and “Southern Comfort” Michael Watson review one retro wrestling pay per view. On this episode the guys discuss, dissect, and disassemble WWF’s King of the Ring 1999. The Rock challenges The Undertaker for the WWF title, Stone Cold Steve Austin battles both Vince and Shane McMahon for the control of the WWF, and who will win this year’s King of the Ring? Will it be Ken Shamrock and his internal injuries? X-Pac? Kane? The Big Show? The Road Dogg? How about an Assman?"